Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanks and Giving Challenge: Day 19- Welcome to Loserville

Ok, so I've been pretty distracted lately. Turns out remembering to do my challenge and remembering to write about what I did is harder to do than I thought. I can't seem to get myself to write a daily post and then I can't seem to remember to what I wanted to say the next day when I try to get caught up. So, as lame as this is, I think I'm just gonna give up on this for now and try again next November. Life with a newborn baby can get pretty hectic, not to mention helping a family member get through a difficult time for a couple weeks. So, I think I'm just gonna give it a rest, and just keep going with my blog and post whatever I want when I have time. I'm very glad I did this challenge, because I definitely learned a lot about my self- including he fact that I can't expect myself to post something daily!

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