Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2011

This is a list of resolutions and goals I have. They probably won't all happen this year, but at least having them written down makes them something that I can start working towards this year.

Personal Goals

  • Lose baby weight
  • Take a walk with Brady in his stroller daily
  • Be a better wife, show Kurt how much I appreciate him
  • Go on a vacation with Kurt and Brady
  • Continue trying new recipes and learning to make things from scratch
  • Get all paperwork filed and organized
  • Use my crock pot more
  • Find a live-in caregiver for my mom
  • Force myself to clean and organize for 15 minutes every day
  • Pay off Hospital Bills by April


  • Start making homemade baby food
  • Continue breastfeeding Brady until he is one year 
  • Continue taking monthly shots with Brady next to his Teddy bear
  • Get more involved with play groups /mommy groups
  • Get Brady to sleep 12 hours a night

Home Sweet Home

  • Finish renovating the office/guestroom
    • Lay Bamboo Floors
    • Add baseboards
    • Build a desk
    • Put together the daybed
    • Buy and Install a closet organizer
    • Decorate
  • Spruce up our  curb appeal
    • New light fixtures, street number, mailbox, door knob, doorbell
    • Paint the whole exterior
    • Landscaping- get rid of weeds, plant a willow tree, and put new flowers in the flower beds
    • Eventually extend the front patio cover to make a front porch the full length of the house
  • Backyard
    • Start growing veggies and herbs and fruit trees
    • Renovate back patio
    • Plant Bamboo along perimeter of yard
    • Plant tropical flowers and landscape
    • Add a waterfall with a koi pond
  • Update the Kitchen
    • Finish painting the kitchen
    • Replace kitchen lighting
    • Put knobs and drawer pulls on kitchen cabinets and drawers
    • Refinish cabinets
    • Replace Counter tops
    • Replace backsplash
    • Replace oven hood
  • Update the dining room built-in cabinets
    • Paint them white
    • Replace wood shelves with glass shelves
    • Add cabinet lights
    • Add cabinet knobs and drawer pulls
    • Put bead board against the back wall
  • Hallway
    • Replace all the hallway doors with new ones
    • Paint new doors
    • Install new door knobs
    • Create Photo Gallery
  • Master Bedroom
    • Finish trim on the new window
    • Buy new bedroom furniture
  • Put pictures up on our walls in the living room, and master bedroom
  • Arch the doorways leading to the kitchen and hallway
  • Garage
    • Buy a pantry for grocery items we stockpile when we find good deals
    • Get rid of all the junk!
    • Organize everything

Working from Home
I am in the process of transforming myself from a workaholic working 6 days a week to a work at home mom. I already had a side business doing graphic and web design. And my husband has a videography business. My goal is to expand these businesses and try a few other things. I want to try making money from home doing a variety of things.
  • Just Imagine Designs- My Graphic and Web Design business
    • Get more web design clients paying a monthly fee
  • Advertise New Chapter Productions- Kurt's Wedding and Event Videography Business
  • Designing Dreams- wedding planner business
    • Create a website
    • Establish a price list
    • Make business cards
    • Do a bridal show
  • Start and regularly update blogs
    • Personal Blog
    • Budget Bride Blog: A blog about how to save money on your dream wedding
    • Deal-icious Deals: A blog that shares money saving tips 
  • Start My Digital Mementos- a service that scans and digitizes photos and old negatives
    • Finish making website
    • Advertise my service
  • Educate Myself
    • Expand my web design and blog design knowledge
    • Expand my SEO knowledge (search engine optimization)

Updates on My Goals for This Year
As I make my way through the year, I'll share the progress I'm making on these little goals of mine.

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