Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to the World Brady!

We are so proud to announce the birth of our son Brady Michael Nething
He was born September 15, 2010 at 3:19pm. He's a big boy- 8lb 10oz and 22 in long. Beautiful blonde hair and dark blue grey eyes. He had meconium in his lungs that they worked on suctioning out for about 45 minutes right when he was born. He also had the cord wrapped around his neck twice. We are so blessed that he is perfectly healthy now. He is perfect and we are absolutely in love with him!
We are settling into lives as new parents. We are experiencing all the stress- lack of sleep, crying for hours at a time, getting spit up in my hair, and leaking diapers. But we are also experiencing all the joys that make every poopy diaper worth it- every times he looks at me with those big blue grey eyes, every times he smiles whiles he sleeps, the times he grabs onto my fingertip with his whole hand, and when he falls asleep in my arms. Those moments are when I remember that I love this little boy with every single ounce of love in my heart, and we are so very blessed to have him in our lives.

Here is a link to a ton of pictures of our pride and joy

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